Jebsen Industrial recommends scientifically proven marine collagen for glowing skin


With the onset of winter, dry skin becomes a common problem for many people. To battle tightness and the appearance of fine lines, beauty experts often mention collagen supplements.


Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the human body. It is part of the connective tissue that, in the skin, helps with firmness, suppleness and regeneration of skin cells. Over time, however, this collagen is lost. Research shows that from the age of 25, people lose about 1.5% of the collagen in their body each year. By the age of 45, only 30% of collagen remains. Similar to replenishing calcium for strong bones, replacing lost collagen can be an essential step to stay youthful.  


Sourcing for collagen

Studies have shown that marine creatures are a richer source of collagen than land animals. Fish skin, for example, can contain up to 80% collagen.


This inspired Weishardt , a family-run French company that was founded in 1839, to harvest fish skin and fish scales for natural and safe collagen. The result is NatiCol®, a range of marine hydrolysed collagen that promotes anti-ageing, healthy joints, hair care and more.


Made from 100% natural marine collagen, NatiCol® features easy solubility, neutral taste and smell and excellent clarity and colour. While it can dissolved in water and directly consumed, NatiCol® also offers great versatility in application—it can be used in oral beauty supplements, chewing gum, candy and even flavoured drinks.  


NatiCol®, a range of marine hydrolysed collagen that promotes anti-ageing, healthy joints, hair care and more.


Safe and natural

As the fourth largest producer of gelatine in the world, Weishardt is known for its commitment to safe, natural and high quality products. NatiCol® is made without GMO and preservatives and its fat-free and cholesterol-free formula makes it suitable for low-carb diets. In addition, NatiCol® is produced to international standards with Weishardt ’s ISO9001-certified Quality Management System and ISO22000-certified Food Safety Management System.


In Greater China, Weishardt has partnered Jebsen Industrial for over 10 years, bringing advanced health and wellness solutions to the market. Weishardt ’s NatiCol® is now available at Jebsen Industrial’s Alibaba e-store at


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