“Every experience is an opportunity to learn, relate, reflect and make something out of it,” said Managing Director Maximilian von Stillfried as he shared his key takeaways from the 2014 Porsche Carerra Cup Asia (Shanghai, Oct 17-19). “Observing Team Jebsen on the track has allowed me to see all that we are doing at Jebsen Industrial in one race.”


Managing Director Maximilian von Stillfried in the 2014 Porsche Carerra Cup Asia (Shanghai, Oct 17-19)


Strategy – First understand who and where you are as well as what your capabilities are, then define a realistic but ambitious goal. This gives us focus. A race team works the same way when they set a goal for themselves: “We target to finish among the top three!”


Ownership – Take responsibility, take charge and take action to achieve the goal. Put yourself in the driver’s seat, just like Team Jebsen’s driver Rodolfo Avila, and each and every team member who commits to the goal by doing their best in their role.


Tactics – Stay flexible and use the best approach in the given circumstances to achieve your goal. During a race, we see how the driver responds to different situations on the track. For example, when a driver behind him threatens to overtake him, he could keep blocking his way or decide to let him overtake but follow him closely while waiting for a chance to take back the spot. It all depends on what works best for him in that situation.


Team spirit & teamwork – Have processes that facilitate working hand in hand to effectively reach the goal together. Briefing and debriefing within the team and among partners ensures alignment and motivation. During pit stop, each team member falls in place perfectly. The team works with effective process as one unit embracing a team spirit in which they trust each other to do their jobs at maximum ability and capacity. 


Team Jebsen at 2014 Porsche Carerra Cup Asia (Shanghai, Oct 17-19)