Virtual exhibitions have emerged in a digitally connected world, integrating web conferencing, flash animation, 3D technology and high-definition display to deliver new ways of doing business. Growing with the rise of the Internet, virtual exhibitions have quickly found a foothold in the last five to 10 years, especially in mature markets like the United States. It has been reported that over 72% of companies there have tried online exhibition services before [1].


Faced with an increasingly tech-savvy population, China has seen virtual exhibitions gradually rolled out over the past three to five years. For instance, in 2012, China Network Television first adopted the virtual exhibition format to showcase scientific developments and in April this year, the Liaoning province hosted an anti-graft exhibition online as well.


While it seems that virtual exhibitions are not yet commonplace in China’s growing industrial sector, Jebsen Industrial believes in its enormous potential for effective B2B marketing. Industry tradeshows have always been a key platform for it to engage the marketplace, establish its principals’ brand presence in Greater China and showcase their advanced solutions. Considering that participating in tradeshows requires significant time and resources for both principals and customers, however, Jebsen Industrial has launched its own virtual exhibition platform in September this year.


Jebsen Industrial Virtual Exhibition


“Using the latest online tools and 3D rendering techniques, our virtual exhibitions offer our customers and partners a truly immersive experience. Designed to facilitate cost-effective market promotions, it allows any partner or principal to place their brand, products and services in front of delegates regardless of physical location. As a leading distribution and marketing company in Greater China, Jebsen Industrial seeks to maintain its position at the forefront of the industry in a variety of innovative ways. With the virtual exhibition initiative, we are harnessing the power of the Internet to bring the global marketplace together,” said Ms Rita Ng, Marketing & Communications Manager, Jebsen Industrial.


The decision to invest in virtual exhibitions also comes from a deep understanding of how the industrial sector operates. Unlike consumer-focused industries where seeing, touching and feeling a product is important, industrial players are more information-driven. Understanding solution specifications, benefits and applications are critical to their procurement process, which also usually takes much longer. That is why Jebsen Industrial is focusing its efforts on making the virtual exhibition an effective marketing, rather than sales channel. By making information more easily accessible, it seeks to better serve both its partners and customers.



What to expect

Jebsen Industrial’s virtual exhibitions ( will be hosted in an online environment for a specific length of time, so that principals and customers can connect and interact regardless of geographic location. Convenience and cost-effectiveness are the key value proposition, so the platform has been designed to mimic a traditional tradeshow—but without the heavy price tag for prime booth space or the need to travel.


The virtual exhibitions are fully equipped with an exhibition hall where principals can have individual ‘booths’, a conference hall with a focus on education and seminars, a message centre and webinar section, and a download centre with more resources. Technology is also facilitating online interaction so that during the designated show days, participants can ‘browse’ the booths and have live online chats with exhibitors. There is also a wealth of information, both in text and multimedia format like videos, that is available on demand.


“Traditional tradeshows will continue to be an important point of engagement for us. The virtual exhibition initiative complements our ongoing efforts to be part of the latest trends and set new standards by allowing us to connect with a larger community over a sustained period of time. We understand that not all customers can attend every industry tradeshow out there, so we are now bringing the tradeshow to them—virtually. This is also an extension of our commitment to maintaining effective communication with our key stakeholders anywhere, anytime,” said Mr Maximilian von. Stillfried, Managing Director, Jebsen Industrial.


Jebsen Industrial has already scheduled a series of themed virtual exhibitions for the next few months:





September 2014

November 2014

Building Maintenance & Disaster Prevention Solutions

November 2014

January 2015

Food ingredients, health and nutrition solutions


Visit the Jebsen Industrial virtual tradeshow to find out more.


Source:  [1]  Li Yuanfang,  “Virtual Exhibition” challenge Physical Exhibition.  <<China Business Herald>>. 2011


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