At Jebsen Industrial, we run a lens & film equipment repair and maintenance service centre, known as JCineCare, to help filmmakers maximise the value from their equipment investments. With manufacturer-grade facilities and service technicians qualified and certified by original manufacturers, we guarantee highest service quality and speed.


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Jebsen Industrial C&B Service Centre prides itself on delivering timely and specialised services in three focus areas:·  Lens repair and maintenance·  Film equipment repair and maintenance·  Technical training J-Care·Expert care for OEM lenses

The digital transformation of film equipment is underway. Over 95% of Chinese filmmakers are already choosing to use digital cameras for their work. For over 50 years, Jebsen Industrial has been respected in Greater China’s media and film industry as a trusted one-stop solution provider that represents over 30 of the world’s most established brands.
In 2014, as an advancement of the technical services it provides the market, the Jebsen Industrial Cinematic & Broadcasting (C&B) Service Centre was established to deliver prompt and professional service.
The centre, which currently has branches in Beijing and Shanghai in first quarter of 2015, is built with a clean testing environment, fitted with manufacturer-grade inspection facilities and maintains its own warehouse of commonly used spare parts. In serving leasing companies, production companies, film crew, academic institutions and other customers, Jebsen Industrial C&B Service Centre is staffed with experienced service technicians. All its technicians have been approved and accredited by original manufacturers to conduct repair and maintenance work on their lenses and equipment.
Jebsen Industrial C&B Service Centre prides itself on delivering timely and specialised services in three focus areas:
·  Lens repair and maintenance
·  Film equipment repair and maintenance
·  Technical trainin


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