Helping one of China’s leading baby food manufacturers improve the taste of its best-selling infant supplement, Jebsen Industrial creates a winning formula based on expert consulting advice and extensive R&D.

Helping one of China’s leading baby food manufacturers improve the taste of its best-selling infant supplement, Jebsen Industrial creates a winning formula based on expert consulting advice and extensive R&D.

The Challenge: Improving the Taste of a Favourite Baby Food

Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes that many babies suffer from “internal heat” because their developing stomach is delicate, causing gastrointestinal distress. At the same time, however, babies need enough nutrients to support their rapid physical development and fast metabolism. A popular infant supplement developed by one of China’s leading baby food manufacturers helps infants clear their internal heat while supporting growth.

While the supplement is used by millions of mothers across China as an effective food to help clear internal heat in infants, it tastes slightly bitter due to the extractions of Chinese medicines which it contains. To make the product more appealing to babies, the manufacturer had experimented with several different flavours from food additives manufacturers in China. Unfortunately, none of these proved satisfactory and so it continued to produce the supplement in its original formulation.

The Solution: Advanced Flavouring in the Right Formulation

Early in 2009, Jebsen Industrial’s Food, Beverage & Pharma (FBP) Department held a preliminary meeting with the baby food company. The FBP manager wanted to learn more about the firm’s challenges in order to explore possible areas in which Jebsen Industrial could add value. Jebsen Industrial thus took up the challenge of improving the taste of the popular baby supplement.

“Jebsen Industrial is a pioneer of the food ingredients industry in Greater China and the FBP sector continues to be a key focus of our growth as a company,” said Mr. Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial. “In this case, we were able to bring in-depth technical and market knowledge to help a leader of the demanding but high-growth baby food segment in China improves its product quality and minimize its development time.”

Expert Consulting Advice

Jebsen Industrial first arranged a tasting at the Jebsen Specialty Chemicals Research and Development Centre in Shanghai, a state-of-the-art R&D facility providing food ingredients research and technical services. A team from the baby food manufacturer, comprising researchers, Quality Control engineers, and sales staff, tasted a range of flavourings from some of the world’s most advanced food ingredient companies. The team, and the Jebsen food researchers, agreed that an orange flavour had the most potential.

After much testing at its R&D centre, Jebsen Industrial recommended a formula to achieve the best possible flavour in the baby supplement. The manufacturer then conducted focus group research and confirmed the finding. Thus, in late 2010, the new orange flavoured supplement came into production.

“In Jebsen Industrial, we have found a partner that matches our efficiency and expertise. We were very impressed by the high level of professional service we received and we look forward to continuing to cooperate in the future to serve China’s demand for top-quality baby food products,” a spokesperson for the baby food manufacturer said.

Advanced Technologies and Support

Over many decades, Jebsen Industrial has helped local FBP manufacturers profitably produce innovative, healthy, and safe products.

The company is uniquely positioned as a bridge between local food manufacturers in China and global FBP sector suppliers. Since the 1970s, Jebsen Industrial has maintained close relationships with some of the world’s best ingredients companies as well as the European manufacturers of the finest FBP processing and packaging equipment.

Alongside this product and equipment expertise, Jebsen Industrial also provides professional services, with food processing engineers stationed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Wuhan. It also operates the high-tech Jebsen Specialty Chemicals R&D Centre in Shanghai.

Opened in 2008, the R&D Centre works in cooperation with customers and suppliers to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the changing needs of the food market in Greater China. It focuses on developing value-added ingredients, promoting innovative product applications, and providing technical support, especially in the bakery, beverage, condiments, confectionery, dairy products, seafood, and traditional snacks segments.

As in the relationship with this baby food leader, a key role of the R&D Centre is to help customers improve their products through the addition of advanced, high-quality functional ingredients. It also helps companies enhance their brands through the introduction of new nutritional products. Needless to say, all R&D work is conducted in strict adherence to local regulations and strict company policies.


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