Demand for high-quality film is growing especially fast. As China’s industrial output and packaging standards rise, both government and booming private enterprise continue to encourage the plastics industry to invest in high-level plastics production.

Nanjing Yangzi Plastic & Chemical Co. Ltd. (YPCC) is at the forefront of this sector. Established in 1984, it manufactures a range of plastic and cloth packaging products and includes some of China’s largest petrochemical companies among its customers. YPCC is the largest Form Fill Seal (FFS) film supplier in China. It produces the rolls of printed film used by manufacturers in FFS packaging lines that efficiently form a bag or pack, fill it with the intended product, and seal it for distribution.

With an annual production capacity of 18,000 tons of FFS film—produced on nine FFS film production lines and four FFS printing lines at its Nanjing and Quanzhou sites—YPCC ranks first in output in Asia Pacific. It also sets the standard for quality production, having earned ISO 9001 product quality certification and meeting ISO 14001 and GB/T 28001 standards for environmental management and occupational health and safety.

These factors, along with its reputation for reliability and service, have given YPCC the largest share of the FFS film market in Asia Pacific. The challenge now for YPCC is to keep up with increasing demand while maintaining its quality leadership.


The Solution: Advanced and Cost-effective Technology

YPCC approached Jebsen Industrial to help it manage its next expansion to meet demand for heavy duty FFS shipping bags.

With a century of experience as a leading supplier to industry in China, Jebsen Industrial is well-known for its expertise in the demanding plastics sector. It maintains long-term relationships with many of the world’s leading plastics industry suppliers and offers a complete portfolio of advanced solutions, including efficient and reliable extrusion lines, processing lines, surface treatment systems, and specialist chemical additives and catalysts. Jebsen Industrial also provides expert consulting services, staff training programmes, and full maintenance support to customers throughout Greater China.

YPCC wanted to investigate the most advanced FFS equipment available. In discussions with Jebsen Industrial, it became clear that improved production capacity and exceptional quality would be vital aspects of the new system, but that cost effectiveness could not be ignored.

The First Evolution Blown Film Line in China

Jebsen Industrial recommended the latest three-layer blown film line from the global industry leader, Reifenhäuser of Germany. The firm’s Reifenhäuser Kiefel Evolution system is a new modular system made up of lines and dies that can handle many different polymers.

Advantages of most relevance to YPCC include:

  • Improved output capacity of 330 kgs/hour (23% higher than the Evolution’s closest Italian competitor) with minimal downtime
  • Optimal film quality, successfully passing a range of FFS film tests;
  • Enhanced operating efficiency and reduced energy usage; and
  • Flexible financing and ongoing support from Jebsen Industrial.

To help YPCC fully evaluate the new machine, Jebsen Industrial arranged for YPCC representatives to journey to Thailand to visit a factory running the Evolution blown film system. Accompanied by members of the Jebsen Industrial team, the YPCC decision makers met
Reifenhäuser’s engineers for an onsite demonstration of the system and to discuss how best to customize the design and installation of the machine for YPCC. Even though the system installed in Thailand was not the latest model, YPCC gained an appreciation of the Evolution’s efficiency, capacity, and quality.

In August 2011, YPCC ordered the new
Reifenhäuser Kiefel Evolution three-layer co-extrusion system from Jebsen Industrial. It was delivered in May 2012 and installed and commissioned by technicians from Reifenhäuser Suzhou. The YPCC installation is the first Evolution blown film line in China.

“YPCC is a true market leader—keeping ahead of its competitors by adopting advanced systems that deliver higher output and better quality. As the market leader, it is able to take a longer term view.
Reifenhäuser machines have a useful life well in excess of 10 years and a number of features that make them extremely cost effective,” said Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial.

“Jebsen Industrial has been the sole distributor of
Reifenhäuser Group in China since 1999. Having worked to develop the market for several years now, we expect 2012 to be a banner year for Reifenhäuser in China as the local market matures and film manufacturers put more emphasis on the quality of their products and thus have more interest in high-end systems.”

Advanced Technology; Unique Features

The Evolution system installed at YPCC is a complete production line for the manufacture of FFS film products, featuring computerized control and adjustment systems. These offer the highest possible degree of automation, allowing operators to track and precisely control the entire production process and adjust process parameters in a timely manner. The new Evolution control system has been designed with operators to ensure optimal operation, reduced changeover times, minimal waste, and efficient troubleshooting and to support the highest product quality.

Specifically, the
Reifenhäuser Kiefel Evolution system adopted by YPCC to produce FFS heavy duty shipping bags comprises:

  • Evolution three-layer co-extrusion system 60/80/60;
  • Evolution 120/500-3 die head with 175 mm die insert;
  • Evolution T 1000.5 Take-off;
  • Evolution W-S 1000-01 Film Winder; and
  • Evolution C Base Automation.

This configuration allows YPCC to use different combinations of raw materials to meet the varied requirements of its customers. These could include extreme film strength, thermo-sealing, different printing techniques, and the ability to stack the filled bags for efficient distribution. The FFS film produced by the new
Reifenhäuser system has been subjected to a raft of extreme tests, with great success. Tests include stretching and yielding strength tests, breaking and expanding rate tests, friction factor test, film thickness test, and the three-meter drop test.

A unique feature of the new Evolution system is
Reifenhäuser’s Enhanced Cooling Package (ECP) technology. Especially designed for the production of heavy duty shipping sacks, it uses water and air to facilitate precise and efficient cooling and increase productivity while reducing energy.

Reifenhäuser Kiefel Evolution system encompasses a range of configurations from mono equipment to nine-layer lines with screw diameters between 40 and 200 millimeters. The equipment can be customized for the production of simple packaging applications, complex technical films, or food packaging with high-grade barrier properties.


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