A Time To Rejoice And Reconnect

Jebsen Industrial celebrates a year of unity at the Jebsen Group Annual Dinner 2016

Although 2015 has gone by, Jebsen remembers that it was only through the collective hard work of its people that the Group enjoyed yet another successful year. In acknowledgement and appreciation of this, the Jebsen Group Annual Dinner brought a night of fun and festivities to its people in Shanghai (Feb 23), Guangzhou (Feb 25), Beijing (Mar 1) and Hong Kong (Mar 4).

Honouring dedication

Group Chairman Hans Michael Jebsen personally attended each of the four Annual Dinners and sincerely thanked employees for their diligence and dedication. He also handed out Long Service Awards to staff who have served the Group for five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. Among the over 25 colleagues of Jebsen Industrial colleagues who receive the Long Service Award in this year, two colleagues each from Specialty Ingredients & Solutions and Automation & Services receiving the 20-year Long Service Award.

“Twenty years is a long time for anyone to spend with one company. I am proud and honoured that we have such dedicated team members. The department has grown from strength to strength thanks to our people,” said Ms Elizabeth Leung, General Manager of Specialty Ingredients & Solutions.

The Group’s commitment to its people also extends to their families. At this year’s Annual Dinner, the children of two Jebsen Industrial employees received the Jebsen Scholarship for academic excellence.

Dressed for the occasion

The Annual Dinners also brought out the uniqueness of each city with different themes. The glitz and glamour of Shanghai was reflected in the Agent 007 theme while Guangzhou’s reputation of being a City of Flowers inspired the event’s floral theme. In the capital city of Beijing, the event paid tribute to tradition with an Oriental theme while Hong Kong held a hat party that challenged its people to express ‘Jebsen’ with headwear!

These fun themes united Jebsen employees across the different business units as they showed up in creative outfits. At the events in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, staff proudly strutted down a catwalk in a bid to win the coveted Best Dressed Award!

Sharing good cheer

This year, the Annual Dinners extended a warm welcome to the young generation, which the Group is committed to nurturing. In addition to performances by talented children in Hong Kong and Beijing, the less privileged were also invited to join the festivities. In Shanghai, where the Group is invested in improving lives of autistic children by enhancing accessibility to art, the young participants of its Life is Art programme enjoyed a fun-filled evening with Jebsen people.

Strength in unity

The Jebsen Group Annual Dinner 2016 was a success because it brought together people from different business units, celebrated achievements and inspired greater excellence. For everyone at Jebsen Industrial, it marked the end of one successful year and the start of many more to come.