Conti+ Ultra New Metal Tones Available

Metal tones in modern bathrooms and public washrooms are leading a new design aesthetic. The sensor controlled taps of the modular series CONTI+ ultra brings hygienic comfort into public washrooms whilst the new colours brushed chrome, brushed nickel and polished brass, score high as functional design objects. However from the point of view of operators, resource conservation, high reliability and intelligent water management with integration into the company hygiene concept also play a decisive role.

Infrared technology as standard

Sensor taps with touch-free operation are increasingly setting the standard for washroom facilities in public buildings. This is because the technology is as hygienic as it is reliable – two essential factors for building and estate managers. The robust CONTI+ ultra GM10 EXPERT, for example, with an outlet height of 94 mm, offers plenty of space for handwashing, and features a distinctive design with intuitive operation. The infrared twin sensors on the outlet and microprocessor electronics in the tap cover ensure that the water flow starts and stops automatically. The sensor continuously and automatically adjusts to the environment, detecting three-dimensional objects to ensure reliable operation.

Resource efficiency and hygiene through networking

Since the water only flows when it is needed, sensor taps not only save on this valuable resource, but also on the energy required in heating the water. Touch-free handwashing uses around 70 percent less water compared with conventional, manual taps. Similarly, efficient valve units with flow rates of only 1.9 to 5.7 l/min reduce consumption even further. The CONTI+ ultra GM10 EXPERT can also be integrated in the CNX water management system (CONTI+ Network eXchange) to provide efficient tap management. The system allows the networking of up to 160 taps, showers or urinal controls , allowing water running time, sanitary rinse interval and rinse duration, for example, to be  controlled, monitored and documented centrally. The optimised use of resources reduces operating costs still further.

Access all areas

The CONTI+ ultra “One-Tool” service also gives quick and easy access for maintenance teams. All hydraulic components, including filters, valves, and stop-cock are accessible from above. All you need is a single Allen key. The electronics are positioned directly in the removable module, without any plug connection. The modular design of the faucet means that servicing can be carried out in seconds. A filter, new battery or even isolating the water supply can be actioned immediately and the “TwistStop” a unique and fully-automatic water cut-off system, means that the water never has to be turned off.

Easy customisation

The CONTI+ ultra GM10 EXPERT can be powered either via mains or battery operation. In addition, battery life for the model with unique solar cells or an integrated turbine can be extended to up to eight years. In the case of mains supply, there is an additional option of battery backup operation.

The total height of the CONTI+ ultra GM10 tap is 178 mm. Depending on the installation situation and usage requirements, you can also select smaller tap bodies of 124 mm (ultra GS) or larger tap bodies of 252 mm (ultra GH) more suitable within healthcare environments from the CONTI+ ultra range. The modular design offers further options to customise your taps: they are available with or without temperature control and drain assembly, with spray, jet or particularly hygienic laminar controls (no atomisation of the water) for different flow rates.

The touch-free CONTI+ ultra GM10 EXPERT tap with temperature control

and reliable IR sensors is hygienic, convenient and resource-efficient.

Reliable washroom solutions with the CONTI+ ultra, seen here with Solar

option which extends the battery life by up to eight years

Photo: © CONTI Sanitärarmaturen GmbH / CONTI+