Different Roles But The Same Goal

Jebsen Industrial’s Automation & Services business brings its people together for a two-day Team Building Strategy Workshop

Having been established just over a year ago, Jebsen Industrial’s Automation & Services (A&S) team is undergoing a transformative and transitional phase. To stay aligned with changing customer needs, the business has now taken on new strategic directions.

To bring its people together, A&S organised a Team Building Strategy Workshop (Feb 26-27, Macau) to unite staff from Jebsen Industrial offices across Mainland China and Hong Kong. A total of 45 colleagues participated in the two-day event, which focused on business strategy and employee bonding.

Part of the bigger picture

To kick-off the workshop, General Manager Rachel Cheung and her management team shared the business’ strategy roadmap for 2016 to 2018. This was important in ensuring that the A&S team understood the direction of the business and how they could, in their own role, contribute to the business’ success.

Staff were also introduced to the new business structure and gained insights into the four focus areas of Power Systems, Manufacturing Automation, Manufacturing Optimisation and Engineering Services. Within each area, they learnt about key projects such as the business’ new spindle centre in Dalian.

The interactive part of the day featured a small-group discussion on the challenges facing the business. Staff were also encouraged to share the challenges they face in their respective roles. By rotating members of the groups, everyone was invited to pitch in ideas relating to the business and various functions. The result was an insightful brainstorming session that generated many interesting perspectives!

Before the day drew to a close, staff were asked to pen down thoughts about their commitment to, and expectations of, A&S in 2016. These were pinned onto a poster like leaves of a tree, to symbolise how each staff member is an important and integral part of the team.

Bonding through play 

Moving into the second day of the workshop, staff were treated to a host of fun and engaging games. The morning began with warm-up games to break the ice among staff from different locations, some of whom were meeting in person for the first time.

The process of getting to know one another continued throughout the day, especially during the strategy simulation game. In three groups, staff were challenged to develop a paper city complete with homes, buildings and amenities. To build their ideal city, they competed in mini-games to win money and resources.

It was essentially a game of strategy, challenging staff to determine the most optimal way to invest their resources and allocate roles and responsibilities. Communication was essential to ensure synergy among team members while teamwork and trust moved the team as a whole towards achieving its goal. These are the same values that A&S advocates on a daily basis, and the game was a fun way to help staff embrace it.

“Through the A&S Team Building Strategy Workshop, we successfully achieved our goals of engaging our people on the business front while facilitating closer working relationships among the teams in various offices. As a team, I am confident that we will make 2016 a great year for A&S,” said Ms Cheung.

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