Jacob Delafon Showroom Unveils Latest Sanitary Fittings And Furniture Collection

Drawing inspiration from its homeland, Paris, Jacob Delafon created three brand “universes” of collections. The Presqu’ile collection is inspired by the flea markets, a perfect mix between bric-a-brac and eclecticism. From these quintessential compositions, Jacob Delafon introduces the three design universe: namely Atelier Vintage, Classic Modernity and Mechanic Chic, each representative of irreverence, elegance and authenticity.

The World of Atelier Vintage – Nouvelle Vague Collection

Taking hues from the historical neighbourhood in central Paris, Atelier Vintage mixes colourful finds and collection pieces from the 50s and repurposes recycled furniture and inexpensive oddities, which spices up the space with a touch of irreverence. The heart of Paris celebrates old break walls and chipped subway tiles, which cultivates a unique atmosphere between an arty feel and bohemian chic.

The Ceramic Vessel Basin  from the Nouvelle Vague Collection combines modern functionalities and the design codes from the great French designs in 1950s. The soft angles and deep basin make it easy to clean and avoid splashing. With its beautiful streamline, this accent piece brings a fresh retro touch to your bathroom. Available in Glass Snow White, Satin Cashmere and Satin Storm Grey.

The World of Mechanic Chic – Terrace Collection

East Paris’ industrial heritage was reborn by daring architects and urban planners and emerged beauty from rough, unfinished old factories and forgotten warehouses. Ancient structures from the industrial era have unabashedly become the raw material for a new minimalist aesthetic.

In the world of Mechanic Chic, thereare no decorative elements or pretense.The Terrace Collection represents geometric forms and ultimate practicality. Equipped with electrical sockets and USB ports, the assemblage composes a solitary yet elegant space with an with an assertive personality for a luxury look. 

Terraceembodies the expertise of our French plants: solid wood, high-gloss lacquer and fine fireclay elegantly contrast colours and materails. 

Create your bathroomutopia with the Terrace Vanity Top and Base Unit. Outlet piping is located to the rear near the wall, freeing up space under the basin. The accessories drawer underneath has full storage capacity. LED strip on Vanity Top provides lighting.

The World of Classic Modernity – Stillness Collection

The contrast of Classic Modernity comes from enhanced volumes, monochrome colour palette, along with a subtle, ultra-modern touch. While holding on to the architectural and decorative elements in Haussmanian apartments, the contemporary minimalist codes of the designer universe achieve the quintessence of the Parisian spirit.

The finesse and delicateness of Stillness is attained by superior materials such as fine fireclay and solid wood. The result is uniquely-designed contemporary space in a French haute couture style.

Combining performance and design, the uniquely-sculpted Stillness Vanity Top best reflects Jacob Delafon’s characteristic. The smooth curveddesign offers subtle modern elegance, allowing water to fall on a gentle flexure. The vanity and base unit grants the convenience of a wall hung solution.

Integrating The Three Design Universe – Vox Signature

If Paris were a picture, it would be on a Vox Signature Vessel Basin. Engraved on the porcelain is a Paris map, the brand’s historical seal. The multifaceted collection always remains true to form with its renowned rice-grain mesh on the sides; and perfectly imparts the brand’s three design worlds: Classic Modernity, Mechanic Chic and Atelier Vintage in a contemporary style.


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