Jcinecast Lifts The Limits Of Filmmaking At Birtv 2016

Date: 2016.08.24 ~ 2016.08.27

Venue: China International Exhibition Centre

Booth: 8B10

City: Beijing, China

Beijing, 24 August 2016 – JCineCast returns to the Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) from August 24 to 27, 2016 at China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing, China, to take filmmakers on an epic space journey into the future. The brand, which represents Jebsen Industrial’s multi-channel, multi-brand solutions for the cinematic and broadcasting industry, will base its participation in the annual tradeshow on the theme ‘Outer Space’. 

The theme is a nod to the popularity of science fiction films this year, with blockbusters like Independence Day: ResurgenceStar Trek BeyondRogue One: A Star Wars Story and Chinese feature film The Three-Body Problem dominating international box offices. But while these films are based on fantasy, JCineCast’s solutions are grounded in reality. 

“At JCineCast, we strive to help the industry ‘Capture Beyond Limits’—to break through the traditional confines of filmmaking and reach new heights. Our ‘Outer Space’ theme this year represents our conviction that the sky is the limit for the Chinese filmmaking industry. We hope to inspire and equip more filmmakers to reach for the stars,” explained Mr Philbert Chin, General Manager, Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions, Jebsen Industrial.

To do so, JCineCast will bring some of the latest products launched this year to BIRTV 2016. To give full play to the power of these products, JCineCast has set the scene for a live shoot onsite. A giant solar system model at the centre of its booth will serve as a film set to enable show-goers to experience the Angenieux Anamorphic 44-440’s long range zoom, the ARRI Master Anamorphic 28mm’s compact and minimal-weight lenses and Cooke ’s first front anamorphic /i 35-140 zoom lens for themselves. They will also be able to meet the Schneider Xenon FF 18mm and RED digital cameras in person. JCineCast is confident that it will be an immersive and engaging experience for industry visitors. 

“We believe that creativity is the lifeline of the industry. We hope to open up more creative possibilities for filmmakers by adopting a multi-brand approach. This is why we continue to grow our large family of principals. This year, we have added new and exciting products to our portfolio, including RED digital cameras, Phantom cameras and SpaceCam Maximus 7 Stabilised Remote Head, just to name a few,” said Mr Chin.

JCineCast continues to strengthen its position as the industry’s trusted business partner with complete and customer-focused solutions. Its solutions span the entire filmmaking workflow, from pre- to post-production, and are versatile enough to serve both the professional and prosumer filmmaker on projects ranging from full-length feature films to small-scale music videos and other commercial productions.

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JCineCast is a brand under the Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions division of Jebsen Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. It provides advanced and professional technology and solutions to the film and broadcast industry in Greater China and Asia. Serving both professional and prosumer filmmakers, its solutions cover the end-to-end workflow and include production and post-production technologies such as the latest cameras, lenses, accessories and applications, as well as professional and certified technical services. For more information, visit www.jcinecast.com.

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