Jebsen Industrial To Deliver Customised Sanitary Solution For Malvern College Hong Kong

Malvern College, United Kingdom is bringing 150 years of fine British education to Hong Kong with the September 2018 opening of Malvern College Hong Kong. As part of the greenfield development of the school’s state-of-the-art campus in Hong Kong, Jebsen Industrial Building Products Unit has been entrusted to provide a customised sanitary solution. 

Construction site of Malvern College Hong Kong

The project win is the result of a combination of many factors, from Building Products Unit’s expertise in sustainable building solutions and sterling track record in fitting-out educational institutions to its customer-centric mindset and professionalism.  

The team went the extra mile to understand the customer’s requirements regarding environmental performance, hygiene and user experience. They studied the plans for the new seven-storey, 25,000-square-metre building and noted that the architect had incorporated environmental design principles. In addition, with the school’s expected enrolment capacity of 960 primary and secondary students, the team understood that the ideal solution would have be robust and hard-wearing. 

With this in-depth understanding of the customer’s expectations and project requirements, the team set out to develop a customised sanitary solution. The proposed solution was created by combining water-saving sanitary fittings and accessories from leading brands such as Conti+TwyfordBristan and Delabie. The solution would help the project gain green credits and further the aspiration of achieving BEAM rating for the campus. 

Customised sanitary solution to local educational facilities

Jebsen Industrial Building Products Unit has been actively participated in various educational institution projects in Hong Kong, working closely with major architect firms and main contractors to provide our customers with fully customizable sanitary solution backed by comprehensive technical support.

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