John Deere Awards Jebsen Industrial In Recognition Of 20 Years Of Successful Partnership

John Deere recognizes Jebsen Industrial for 20 years of loyal service and outstanding achievements in the promotion of John Deere products in Greater China.

John Deere , the globally renowned manufacturer of agricultural, commercial, and consumer equipment and engines, has presented an award to Jebsen Industrial to recognise the team for their 20 years of commitment in representing John Deere ’s products in Greater China. 

“We are very delighted and feel honored that John Deere has acknowledged our commitment in delivering their innovative technology to the Greater China market, and the achievements we have made in this industry. Our team will continue to put in our best effort in providing exceptional customer service to ensure that the relationship keeps growing in future,” said Ms Rachel Cheung, General Manager, Automation & Services, Jebsen Industrial.

“Throughout 20 years, Jebsen Industrial has always been a valuable partner to us. We are very pleased and grateful for their excellent support and remarkable capability in communicating our brand to the Greater China market,” said Lawrence Yap, Sales & Marketing Manager – Golf and Engine, John Deere Asia.

With 180 years of experience, John Deere is widely known for its advanced power diesel engine systems which offer exceptional power, performance, have a proven record of emission reduction, best-in-class fuel economy and rugged durability – all being essential features in today’s business environment. Jebsen Industrial supplies and fully supports John Deere diesel engines for industrial use, marine applications and generator sets.