Angenieux Optimo Prime

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The Full Frame Optimo Prime Series is a perfect match with the Optimo Ultra 12X, the new long-range zoom reference of the industry. The Optimo Prime Series is part of Angenieux’s latest high-end lens collection and will be ideal for demanding productions requiring native cinema design. Each lens in the 12-piece-series (from 18mm to 200mm) was designed to be incredibly lightweight, most of them at a fast T1.8 and 8/12 focal lengths of the same volume. In addition to the Optimo signature on primes, high optical quality and precision mechanics take your DOP creativity one step further. Based on cinematographer feedback, Optimo Primes will also provide metadata (Cooke-I, LDS) and unique user-features for high-end cinema productions.

  • Replaceable Iris blade unit, user-configurable for bokeh (including anamorphic-like effect)
  • Filters to change optical properties, MTF, CCI, etc.
  • Non-linear iris (as for Optimo Zoom range)
  • Constant volume
  • Non-linear focus (as for Optimo Zoom range)
  • Front diameter 95mm (except for 18mm and 200mm)
  • Available as PL

If you want to know more about the Full Frame Optimo Prime Series, please click the link to view the Angenieux Optimo Prime Brochure. (Link)