Brockhouse Movalble Walls

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Excellence in Movable Walls

Brockhouse Modernfold Limited is one of the companies in UK that originally introduced moveable acoustic wall and sliding folding partition systems to the industry for over 50 years. The company’s R&D team has played an important role to lead the transition of partition system from heavy unwieldy panels to highly technical models of today.


Movable Partition

In recent years, open-plan offices have become increasingly popular. Movable partition are used in instances where the walls of a room are frequently required to be opened and closed with minimum effort. Brockhouse provides a range of acoustically designed and customised system that can be fitted in any office environments.

Feature Highlight:

  • High acoustic performance up to 59dB
  • New top and bottom seal pressure design
  • Vast selection of finishes
  • Flexible division with various stacking options
  • Top hung design, no floor track
  • Panels can be manufactured up to 15,000mm high