Insulated Conductor Systems

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Vahle insulated conductor systems from Jebsen Industrial are safe insulated conductor rail systems that provide power to overhead cranes, monorail systems, amusement rides, and other applications.

Various models of the insulated conductor rail are supplied and supported by Jebsen Industrial in Greater China, along with accessories such as compact hangars, insulated hangars, expansion joints, transfer guides and locating clamps. Models include:

U15, U25, U35 – single-phase, insulated conductor rails for use in cranes (overhead cranes, loading bridges, etc.), monorail systems, elevator systems, and more, for a current consumption of 10A to 860A.

U20, U30, U40 – single-phase, insulated conductor rails for cranes and transport installations requiring capacity from 60A to 1000A.

  • International safety standards: VDE 0100 and finger safe to VDE 0470
  • Can be used for horizontal and vertical curves
  • Suitable for mains power and signal current
  • Power rails can by fixed side-by-side for multiple conductors