MakerBot Method X

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A Manufacturing Workstation.

Print Real ABS at 100°C

Print Real, Production-Grade ABS with a 100°C ChamberPowered by STRATASYS®

• Capable of withstanding 15°C higher temperatures than modified desktop 3D printer ABS material formulations

• Powered by Stratasys® SR-30 soluble support material

• Superior Z-layer bonding provides higher strength and better surface finish without warping and curling

Manufacturing-Ready Materials including Real ABS, PETG, TOUGH, and more.

• Finished part dimensional accuracy of ± 0.2mm ( ± 0.007in) 1

• Get unrestricted geometric freedom with the METHOD dual extrusion system

• Print complex assemblies with exact tolerances


An Automated, Tinker-Free Industrial Printing System    

• 2x times faster printing than leading desktop 3D printers. 2

• 300,000+ total testing hours on 150+ printers (includes full system and sub system testing). 3

• Seamless CAD to part workflow with AUTODESK® FUSION 360, AUTODESK® INVENTOR®, SOLIDWORKS



• End-Use Parts

• Manufacturing Tools

• Functional Prototypes


• Dual Performance Extruders

• Dry-Sealed Material Bays

• 100°C Circulating Heated Build Chamber 4

• Connectivity and 21 On-Board Sensors


1 ± 0.2mm or ± 0.002 mm per mm of travel – whichever is greater. Based on internal testing of selected geometries.

2 Compared to popular desktop 3D printers when using the same layer height and infill density settings. Speed advantage dependent upon object geometry and material.

3 Combined total test hours of METHOD and METHOD X (full system and subsystem testing) expected to be completed around shipping of METHOD X.

4 Available only on METHOD X

Please click the link to download the brochure of MakerBot Method X (MethodXonesheet0731.pdf).