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The First Performance 3D Printer

MakerBot MethodThe First Performance 3D PrinterBridging the gap between industrial and desktop 3D printing.- Match design dimensions.- Up to 2x faster than desktop 3D printers.MakerBot MethodThe First Performance 3D Printer
Bridging the gap between industrial and desktop 3D printing.

Match design dimensions
Up to 2x faster than desktop 3D printers

Industrial Reliability + Precision

Match design dimensions
Dimensional accuracy of ±0.2mm

Fastest CAD to Part

Up to 2x faster than desktop 3D printers
Seamless printing workflow

Maximum Innovation + Minimal Investment

About ⅓ the first-year cost of ownership of an entry-level industrial 3D printer with no technician required
Accelerate your design process and reduce risk while reclaiming time and money

Industrial DNA. Desktop Accessibility.

Match design dimensions
Vertical Layer Uniformity provides smooth surfaces
Dimensional Accuracy of ± 0.2mm
Tight Cylindricity Tolerance
Pristine, environmentally-controlled PVA
Complex overhangs without scarring

Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame Construction
A structurally-optimized metal frame runs the full length of the body to offset flexing.
Less flexing means more consistent prints with better part accuracy and fewer failures.

Circulating Heated Chamber
Control the temperature and quality of every layer—not just the first. While heated build plates are effective at reducing warping, Method takes this further with full active heat immersion during the entire duration of the print.

Dual Performance Extruders
The Dual Performance Extruder system is built from the ground up to accelerate print times and produce precise parts.

Dry-Sealed Material Bays
Dry-Sealed Material Bays form a near-perfect seal to keep material free of damaging humidity. A suite of built-in sensors provides that your material is stored in its optimal environment—a feature previously only available in industrial 3D printers.

Unrestricted Geometric Freedom
Dissolvable Support System 1-2
Superior surface finish and unrestricted geometric freedom are paramount to delivering high quality printed parts. MakerBot’s Precision Dissolving PVA enables fast and easy support removal without compromising part design or dimensional accuracy.
Precision Dissolving PVA provides two key benefits:
Unrestricted geometric freedom (large overhangs, cavities, etc)
Superior print quality and surface finish

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