MRMC StudioBot & StudioBot XL

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StudioBot & StudioBot XL

Both the StudioBot and the StudioBot XL are 9-axis robotics systems offering a superior creative range to traditional dolly systems. The simple and intuitive interface allows an operator to easily design their camera movements into smooth, highly accurate motion. 

The StudioBot is ideal for small-scale studios, while the XL supports a wide range of creative shots with a large operating envelope, a high payload capacity and the ability to carry full size teleprompters. Offering all the benefits of integrating with studio automation and 3D graphics systems, the StudioBot and the XL create a vast range of programmable and repeatable shots for studio environments. 

They also offer the ultimate flexibility for any production situation, with both fully automated trigger and live control of programmed moves. The XL even offers synchronized motion including track, lift, pan and tilt, while its ultra-smooth quiet movements are perfect for on-air use.



  • An unparalleled range of motion and unique camera angles
  • Live browsing mode for dynamic on-air move adjustments
  • Ultra smooth, quiet on-air shots (with regards to the compact telepromoter for vibration-free camera moves)
  • Fully programmable, repeatable moves (program precise saveable camera preset movements)
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Track mountable (with the “floor” or “ceiling mounted” options)
  • Large payload capacity (8kg for StudioBot, 20kg for StudioBot XL)
  • Joystick console for moving the robot and the linear track
  • Collision avoidance (with studio equipment)
  • Autotracking (for presenters)