Oms | Escalator Drive (ec2-7, Ec2-25)

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The OMS Hypodrive EC 2-25 from Germany innovator OMS is an advanced escalator gear box based on the firm’s breakthrough drive technology.

Supplied and fully supported across Greater China by Jebsen Industrial, the EC 2-25 Escalator Drive is available as single or tandem units for chain driving escalators and travelators.

The EC 2-25 is a highly efficient, low-noise drive. It is compact, with a very small footprint, and can be installed in any position: upright, horizontal, top, bottom, left, or right.

Offering extremely low maintenance, the EC2-25 Escalator Drive has hardened, durable, low-wear toothing. Low operating temperatures and lubricant recirculation provide exceptional energy saving characteristics.

  • Bearing life time of 140,000 hours
  • Maximum motor torque of 250Nm
  • Motor speed of 1000, 1200 and 1500 rpm
  • High gear efficiency at rated speed η more than 96%
  • High starting efficiency
  • Machine monitoring for brake function, brake lining, vibration measurement, oil temperature and level
  • Safety sensors for overspeed, machine reversing