Phantom S210 & S200

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Introducing the newest member to the Phantom machine vision family: The Phantom® S210 and S200, 2Gpx/sec (16 Gbps) machine vision cameras. The S210 reaches 1,730 frames per second (fps) at full1.3Mpx resolution, while the S200 achieves 7,000 fps at full 0.3Mpx VGA resolution. Both cameras use up to four CoaXPress (CXP6) channels to reach 2Gpx/sec throughput. Both are GenICam compliant and stream directly into PCI Express frame grabbers.

These new machine vision cameras are sharply focused on meeting the unique needs of the industry. The S210 and S200 build on the proven quality of the Phantom camera line and leverage sensors currently used in Phantom Miro C cameras. Additionally, the S210 and S200 camera design incorporates those features most relevant to machine vision applications. This has resulted in compact, economical cameras, perfectly suited for a variety of machine vision situations.

  • 1.3Mpx Sensor (S210) & 0.3Mpx VGA Sensor (S200)
  • 5.6 µm pixel size (S210) & 11.2 µm pixel size (S200)
  • Noise: 10e- (S210) & 6.3 e- (S200)
  • Dynamic range of 58dB (S210) & 59.7db(S200)
  • Streams up to 2Gpx/sec (16 Gbps)
  • Economical