Phantom Veo E-310l & Veo E-340l

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Introducing two new members of the Phantom VEO family: The E-310L and E-340L, both providing 3 Gpx/second high-speed imaging with a one or four-megapixel sensor. VEO-E cameras are a budget friendly solution for industrial and academic institutions with a need for studying movement beyond what is possible with traditional imaging equipment.

These new VEO-E cameras come in a smaller, more lightweight body yet still offer many of the features that Phantom VEO-L cameras are known for. An HDMI output displays the image on standard monitors and TV screens – this is excellent for monitoring the live image and viewing the smooth slow-motion playback immediately once the camera has been triggered.

  • HDMI and SDI video outputs
  • Image-Based Auto Trigger (IBAT)
  • Programmable I/O
  • Cine RAW file format