Powerail Enclosed Conductor Systems

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The Vahle Powerail KBH, KSL, and MKL conductor systems form Jebsen Industrial are totally touch-proof, enclosed conductor systems. Used successfully for many years and now adapted for the latest technologies, the conducting system provide safe, mobile power feeding for overhead cranes, monorail systems, and electric hoists.

Jebsen Industrial supplies a full range of fixing accessories for the KBH, KSL, and MKL systems in Greater China, including sliding and fixpoint hangars and connecting points plus turntables and sliding switches for more complex layouts.

Jebsen Industrial also provides full engineering consultancy and after-sales support for Vahle enclosed conductor systems in Hong Kong.

  • Different configurations and numbers of conductors is possible
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Maximum number of conductors is 10 (MKL and VKS 10)
  • Insulated and lightweight PVC housings