Stratasys J826

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Unleashing the power of 3D printed realism to a broader range of product designers and enterprise shops, Stratasys unveiled the new J826™ 3D Printer. At about half the price of other J8-series PolyJet™ printers, the J826 combines part realism and productivity, including full PANTONE™-Validated color and multi-material 3D printing.


Designed for designers, the J826 makes it possible for enterprise groups to save weeks on design cycles with exceptional print quality to create highly realistic prototypes that help achieve the exact intent of the designer, bringing them to life much faster and increasing quality with more design iterations. The J826 is particularly suited for enterprises with mid-volume modeling requirements in industries such as consumer goods and electronics, automotive, and educational institutions.

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  • Full PANTONE-Validated color
  • Supports multi-material 3D printing
  • Reduce design and development cycles
  • Near 100% realism with rapid 3D prototyping
  • Lower cost and smaller footprint