Tiffen Hollywood/FX

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Most top Hollywood motion picture studios rely on Tiffen lens filters for their multimillion-dollar productions. The Tiffen lens fitler line of Hollywood/FX® filters includes:

PRO-MIST®: softens excess sharpness and contrast to create unique atmosphere

Glimmerglass ®: diffusion filters that soften fine details while adding a mild glow to highlights

Black Diffusion /FX®: gives a silky-smooth look to textured surfaces and suppresses facial blemishes and wrinkles while maintaining a clear, focused image

CENTER SPOT: for dramatic focus, a clear central area is surrounded by a ring of moderate diffusion to minimize distracting background detail

HDTV/FX®: addresses both contrast and sharpness issues associated with HD, creating a “film look” and providing subtle improvements in shadow detail

NUDE/FX®: a series of six skin tone-enhancing filters that offer flexibility and control

ULTRA CONTRAST: redistributes ambient light to capture details that would be lost in shadows; this filter earned a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

LOW CONTRAST: spreads light from highlights to darker areas and mutes colours for a film-like effect

COLOR-GRAD® FILTERS: half colour, half clear, with a smooth transition in between

For over 70 years, Tiffen’s award-winning lens filters have helped cinematographers and videographers realize their creative vision. These precision-made lens filters have been supplied and supported in Greater China by Jebsen Industrial for more than two decades.

  • Wide range of special effects filters
  • See effects immediately to eliminate post-production uncertainty
  • Control special effects with precision, repeatability, and convenience