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Oscar®-Worthy Camera Support Technology

Ronford Baker manufactures Academy Award®-winning fluid heads and tripods, as well as sliders, billet bazookas, track, beams, grip equipment, transit cases, and camera and video accessories.

Ronford-Baker Engineering was formed in 1966 and soon became known as a place to get ‘specials’ engineered for feature films. One such request led to the development of the telescopic heavy duty tripod that is now used worldwide. The British company also designed and developed the first fluid head with variable levels of fluid damping.

Ronford-Baker is still owned and run by the same team of hands-on people, who collectively have over 200 years experience in the design, development, manufacture, service, and use of camera support equipment.

In Greater China, Ronford Baker has been represented by the region’s film technology pioneer Jebsen Industrial since the 1980s. Jebsen Industrial is committed to providing filmmakers with the best quality consulting services and equipment, along with exceptional maintenance support.