Welcoming The Era Of Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0, the fourth revolution of the industrial sector, has arrived and Jebsen Industrial is ready to help its customers make the most of it.

On April 12, Automation & Service business units of Jebsen Industrial hosted an internal seminar in Shanghai for over 30 colleagues from across the Group to introduce its Industry 4.0 business model concept.

At its core, Industry 4.0 believes that automation can completely change the way factories operate—harnessing technologies like digitisation, data analytics, advanced robotics and human-machine interaction to enhance quality, improve productivity and reduce costs. This idea of smart manufacturing is the future of the industry and Jebsen Industrial, as a market leader and trusted business partner, has developed a business model to maximise this trend.

Its plan includes an Industry 4.0 Certified Consultancy Service, which starts with a professional evaluation of how smart manufacturing can help customers reduce cost and/or improve equipment efficiency. From this, the team will be able to develop certification and technical proposals that integrate product sales, after-sales service as well as repair and overhaul into a single solution.

Jebsen Industrial will also provide Digitisation Consultancy to customers, using internationally respected standards and systems to conduct a thorough GAP analysis before recommending pilot projects, auditing the results and winning certification from an external authorised certification body.

All these point to Jebsen Industrial’s commitment to being a trusted business partner to its customers and helping them build success today and into the future.